1. What is Clado?

We are a one-stop solution for all your renting needs. From furniture, appliances to bikes and musical instruments - we give you accessible solution to avoid all the hassle you face while buying these products. We give you flexibility to decide the tenure of the rental and make you an owner without buying.

2. What products can I rent?

You can rent from our wide array of products across different categories like furniture,home and kitchen appliances, bikes, gym equipment and musical instruments.

3. Will there be any contract?

Yes, at the time of delivery you have to sign a contract with us and provide other necessary documents mentioned in the contract.

4. What do I have to pay?

You have to pay rentals as per your use of the product. To enable to you to make payments easily, Clado will send you the link for making rental payments. Using the payment link, you have to pay using your credit or debit card, net banking.

5. What is the security amount?

You have to pay a nominal amount as a security deposit which will be refundable at the time of termination of the rental agreement. Security deposit will not be considered as rent. Damages incidental to usage of product might be deducted from the security deposit. The deposit will be credited to your bank account post inspection of the returned product, which may take 3-5 working days.

6. What is the minimum tenure?

You have the flexibility of choosing the tenure of the rental as per your need. To provide you with better service, the products have minimum tenure as specified on the product page.

7. How will the product reach me?

After placing an order online, you will receive a call from us to confirm your details and availability. The product will be delivered to you as per your specifications. For bikes, you have to pick-up the bike from our pick-up location (save money :p). The product will be delivered to you depending on the time period mentioned. You may have to pay a nominal delivery expense when you place the order. Although in many products delivery is FREE :)

8. What if I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel the order within the stipulated time frame mentioned on the product page.If you cancel the order after this period, you will be liable to pay cancellation charges (kindly refer the cancellation policy).

9. What will be my billing cycle?

You will receive a payment link on the first of every month on your registered email ID and mobile number. You have to pay the rental on or before the 10th of every month to avoid any late payment charges.

10. Who will be responsible if the product is not functioning?

Our products go through an extensive check before delivery. You can always call on our helpline if you face a problem in the functioning of the product. Our technician will repair the product free of charge. Normal repairs and maintenance are free of cost but if the product suffers extensive damage during its use, then you will be charged a penalty.

11. What is a package?

A package is a combination of products falling under various categories, which is a pre-planned set to fetch you great discounts. We also give you an option to create your own package for which you can get in touch with us at hola@clado.in or call us at +91-81 30 598959/+91-81 30 598979.

12. Can I extend my tenure?

You can extend your tenure for which you have to call us at +91-81 30 598959/+91-81 30 598979, ten (10) days prior to the completion of your tenure.

13. Can I reduce my tenure?

We don’t accept any reduction in tenure, but in some exceptional cases we may accept the reduction. In such a case, you may be required to pay a penalty. You have to intimate us ten (10) days prior to the completion of the agreement in question in case of any cancellations.


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