About Us

During their college life in North Campus, Delhi, the founders faced a variety of problems in obtaining the basic necessities of a home, such as a bed, an AC or a geyser. They realized that for that part of the community that isn’t willing to buy for a long term use and block their capital, there is a very limited renting market. If there exists that market, it is highly unorganized, making it tedious and inconvenient for the buyer to determine the best deal.

The first stride towards working on the idea came in 2014 when Deepak researched on the concept of ‘renting everything’ for a college project, from which he concluded that renting is a viable alternative and has great potential in a dynamic consumer goods ecosystem; but one which the market did not cater to adequately enough. He finally decided to work on the idea full time in 2015 when he put in his papers. Although the pace was slow at first, it accelerated when he joined hands with his partner Nishant Sharma. What they lacked for in experience, they made up in perseverance and determination. They executed all tasks from start to finish in order to bring to you what is now ‘Clado’.

The primary aim of Clado and its founders is to simplify living for the customer. Offering a wide range of products, Clado focuses on providing a convenient and hassle free solutions to people who like change and want a say in what they want. Germinated from the problems faced by them, the founders want to ensure the same problems are not faced by customers any longer.

The vision for Clado is to not only bring about a change in the customer’s home and lifestyle, but also to change the way of thinking that every individual should first consider the alternative of renting over buying. Rather than purchase and incur that outflow of capital, just ‘Clado’ it!



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